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Addiction can take many forms. The most commonly known are addictions to alcohol and drugs (prescribed and illicit). However there are many other forms of addiction                    i.e. gambling, sex, food, pornography, work etc. Although some forms of addiction are clearly life-threatening in the short term, all forms of addiction are relationship-threatening.

There are many psychological, biological and societal influences which contribute to addiction.  We assist people to identify their addictive behaviours and then commence treatment to get their life back in order.

Over the past twenty years we have worked in many Detoxification and Rehabilitation Units, Clinics and Hospitals in Sydney and Queensland working with individuals and families suffering with addiction. We have also been instrumental in the creation of Relapse Prevention and Family Therapy programs.

If you or a family member are struggling with addiction and are seeking a Gold Coast addiction counsellor we can assist you in:

*Providing a confidential and safe environment for you to explore your concerns.

*Seek out Gold Coast detoxification, rehabilitation, AA, NA Twelve Step programs and other self support groups based throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas and refer where necessary.

*Explore the process of family intervention.

*Identify triggers for addictive behaviour.

*Identify the dis-ease and work through the underlying issues that exacerbate the desire to  engage in addictive behaviour.

*Identifying triggers for addiction relapse and employ strategies to prevent relapse.


“Your head is like a bad neighbourhood - Don’t ever go in there alone.”
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